Seer is a quick look tool for Windows.

Now it's available for Windows Vista and after.

There is a FREE version you can use, no ads no viruses. Click here to download Seer-0.8.x.

Or you can buy a lifetime license for $12.18.

If you always want to keep Seer up to date, please try to get a license.

  1. Order via Paypal or Alipay(支付宝);

  2. Get your Machine ID;

    Machine ID can be obtained by clicking on the Seer(v1.0.0 or after) icon in your system tray and selecting Register.

  3. Send an email to

    Email Content has to be your Machine ID.

    Please don't write any extra contents in this email. If you wanna reach out, send a new one, please.

  4. Then you will get an email with license key within 24 hours.

Please reach out(Email/Twitter) if you have any questions.